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Heritage Hotels - a Perfect Glimpse into the past of a City

Choose a heritage hotel for your stay and discover the rich history of Zagreb through its oldest and most beautiful buildings.

You may have already heard of the term ''Heritage Hotels'' but do you know what it exactly means? Well, the term covers running hotels in palaces, castles, forts, hunting lodges or other residences of any size built before 1950. It is a form of tourism which has become quite popular in recent years. It is important to say that facade, architectural features, and general construction of these buildings should have the distinctive qualities and ambiance in keeping with the traditional way of life of the area.

So, if you're a history buff who enjoys finding out more about the past of a country you’re visiting, heritage hotels are the right choice for your accommodation. According to a long list of acquired things Heritage hotels need to have, only two hotels in Zagreb to fit into that exclusive category: Palace Hotel Zagreb and Amadria Park Hotel Capital Zagreb.

Image credit: Hotel Palace

Hotel Palace

If you want to experience Zagreb as it once was and feel its true spirit, the Hotel Palace is the right choice for you. This Art Nouveau palace dating from 1891 and its architectural beauty will leave you breathless. Both charming and elegant, the Palace hotel has a long tradition of hospitality dating to 1907. Back then, the hotel Palace was the first official hotel in Zagreb, which is a fact that makes this magnificent establishment proud and unique to this day.

Image credit: Hotel Palace

Alongside stunning architecture and beautiful décor, one of the most significant advantages of this hotel is its location. It is placed immediately next to the main city square, beautiful parks, and museums which you can all easily explore on foot. You can say it is located truly in the heart of Zagreb and will definitely give you that old-school and glamorous feel of past times.

Also, while staying in the Palace hotel do not miss out on Štrukli Palace, a delicious pastry meal original to the nearby part of northern Croatia called Zagorje region. This specialty is prepared with a homemade dough which is carefully stretched over and over again to achieve the best possible consistency and taste. You can have it cooked or baked, sweet or salty - whichever version you decide to try, we guarantee that they are a perfect choice.

Image credit: Hotel Palace

Amadria Park Hotel Capital Zagreb

Amadria Park Hotel Capital Zagreb is another jewel of Zagreb's architecture. Located as well in the city center it was built in the early 20th century. It is a perfect blend of glamour and elegance of the early 1900s and all the advantages of a modern first-class hotel. The hotel offers an exquisite ambiance imbued with classic Zagreb character and flair. It was built in the style of Art Deco and Art Nouveau influences which can be seen in its grand features. The building was constructed between 1921 and 1923. And its luxurious and decorative interior is almost perfectly preserved to this day.

Image credit: Amadria Park Hotel Capital Zagreb

An interesting fact about the building of  Amadria Park Hotel Capital Zagreb is that it was, in fact, the former Croatian branch of Austrian bank Wiener Bank-Verein, which was designed by famous Viennese architects Ernst Gotthilf and Alexander Neumann. An original vault and safe are still located in the central part of the hotel’s basement with the original security door of Vienna’s F. Wertheim & Co., A.G. Wien still in place. With that in mind, you can feel even more safe in this stunning establishment.

Image credit: Amadria Park Hotel

Amadria Park Hotel Capital Zagreb will offer you plenty of entertainment within its courters. Immerse yourself into Zagreb coffee culture and enjoy a relaxing morning while sipping a cup of coffee, chatting and enjoying a delicious Sacher cake. Another reminder of Austrian heritage. The hotel also has a sophisticated Restaurant & Bar Capital offering a standout breakfast menu and gastronomic specialties drawing from regional influences. All meals are accompanied by the Coravin wine system for the enjoyment of wine according to mood. You can also find a Capital Exclusive Store, Business Salon, and a Private Club within the hotel and a fully equipped gym for those who like to stay fit even on vacation.

Image credit:  Amadria Park Hotel Capital Zagreb

Header image credit: D. Rostuhar, TZGZ

Author: Darija Ilić