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Make Zagreb Your Next Work And Travel Destination!

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over I believe people will travel and explore the world more than ever, and Croatia is the perfect place to put on your bucket list.

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Explore the Holiday Homes of Zagreb Region

Due to obvious circumstances, many people choose to explore the countryside and spend more time in nature. It is a perfect way of avoiding large crowds of people and an even better way of spending time outside of your house or flat.

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Mateo: An Unofficial Triathlete

Mateo is a true sports enthusiast, and if you're one, also, he's giving you an opportunity to see Zagreb through his eyes: "Running, cycling, swimming, and mountain climbing. Those are my favorite sports, and Zagreb gives you the opportunities to try your best at all of them."

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Art, Wine and Fun Time

If you're visiting Zagreb and looking for an interesting activity to fill out your evening, we have a perfect suggestion for you. Read the text below and find out everything about Paint & Wine workshops that just started in Zagreb.

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Expats of Zagreb: A Love Story in Zagreb

"It's was not hard to move to Zagreb. I consider it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Croats are such warm and dear people. They accepted me immediately, and from the first day, I felt here as at home." In our interview with Maria, read more about her experience as an expat living in Zagreb for ten years.

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Expats of Zagreb - First Impressions of Zagreb

When you think cafe, you probably assume they only serve coffee-based drinks, teas, frappuccinos - something along Starbucks, right? Well, you got it all wrong, honey! Want an alcoholic drink at 11 am? Zagreb has you covered. How about a coffee at midnight? Zagreb has you covered. For more Zagreb fun impressions, read our interview with Diana, an American who just recently moved to the city.

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Expats of Zagreb: An Englishman In Zagreb

If you're already mumbling famous lyrics of Sting's Englishmen in New York, continue while reading this month's expat interview with Matthew, who moved to Zagreb from London.

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5 Zagreb Instagram Accounts to Follow

Need some inspiration for your upcoming trip to Zagreb? Follow these Instagram profiles and note down all the beautiful places to see.

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Expats of Zagreb: A New Life in Zagreb

If you're interested in why Alicja and her boyfriend chose to settle in Zagreb in a fierce competition of beautiful European cities, read our blog post and find out.

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Expats of Zagreb: A New Life in Zagreb

What is a difference between life in a megapolis like Moscow and a smaller capital like Zagreb? Read our interview with Irina, a Russian who chose Zagreb for a new family home.

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