Untold Stories

Christmassy passages around Ilica street

Don’t you love the feeling of sliding into an alley, and as a reward, finding yourself face-to-face with a charming discovery? Imagine if these discoveries had a touch of Christmas!

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Welcome to the Joyful Season!

As I am walking around the town, and talking to people, I feel like the locals don't suspect what lies ahead in the upcoming weeks. They have just embraced the autumn, not even noticing the festive season is just around the corner. The famous Advent in Zagreb starts tomorrow, and it's going to be larger than ever.

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Maksimir - Zagreb’s favorite park

As the first lines of a well-known local children’s poem by Grigor Vitez say if you’re fond of playfulness and of the forest’s peace, come and take a walk with me through Maksimir.

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Mirogoj Ceme-gallery

All Saints' Day is approaching. There is one place that I love to recommend around this time of the year - the main Zagreb cemetery Mirogoj.

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People Who Loved the Mountain

Have you ever been to the Zagreb mountain? If you have, how well do you know it? A lot of Zagreb locals have a custom of regularly hiking up there. But there are not many who know it by heart.

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As they pump the sound of water into our surroundings, Zagreb fountains become the true hearts of our squares and parks.

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Things to Do in Zagreb With Kids

One of the biggest worries for traveling families is finding things to do that would keep their kids interested. If you’re coming to Zagreb, such troubles are gone!

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To the top, we go! Easy day trip to the Zagreb mountain for first-timers

When you’re traveling from far away, it can sound a bit intimidating to visit some woods and mountains. But the Zagreb mountain is closer than you think.

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Hidden Star of Zagreb

The medieval tower at the very end of the old Upper town hides a special place. It does not intend to hide it, however it feels like you stumbled upon something exclusive.

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Grasping the Moho Greatness

This year, Croatia marks the 165th anniversary of Andrija Mohorovičić's birth, so it seems like a good idea to dedicate an entire blog post to him. After all, he was one of the greatest Croatian minds.

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