Heartbeat of Zagreb

A Positive Spin On The Events Of 2020

One thing that many people around the world have noticed is that due to coronavirus we have started exploring our immediate surroundings more. With that, I can personally say, that I’ve found a new appreciation for my city.

#Heartbeat of Zagreb

The Last Video Store in Zagreb: More Than Just A Place To Rent A Movie

Probably the most valuable thing about the video store is the advice given by the owner, Marko Jantol. He is a real film encyclopedia with a great ability to evaluate people's movie tastes.

#Heartbeat of Zagreb

Zagreb Locals: Uncovering a Tale Behind a Rusty Panel at 96 Ilica Street

You're probably pretty hot right now, and you're not thinking about covering yourself with a big soft duvet, but duvets are exactly what I was thinking about while talking with Miss Alenka Antonić.

#Heartbeat of Zagreb

The First and Only American Barbershop in Zagreb

According to Shawn, the barbershop owner whom I've talked to - the quality of life in Zagreb and Croatia is fantastic, in fact, much better compared to many places in the States.

#Heartbeat of Zagreb

Zagreb Locals: Meet Saša, an Owner of Zagreb Pets Only Hotel

If you have a pet and sometimes need a helping hand, as I do, read our short interview with Saša, a girl behind the Pets Only, Zagrebian firm, which helps take care of your pets when you can't.

#Heartbeat of Zagreb

Zagreb Loves You

Take a tour of photos and memories made by visitors and citizens of Zagreb. Thank you all for being a part of #ZagrebLovesYou campaign. See you soon in Zagreb!

#Heartbeat of Zagreb

This Is Zagreb: Humanitarians For Health Workers

April was a tough month but there are some positive things to remember it for. One of them are inspiring initiatives for healthcare workers. Read the blog post below and find out more. #ZagrebLovesYou

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From Our Balconies With Love

The beauty is indeed hidden in the little things, and everyone can find it in their surroundings every day. #ZagrebBalconies #DreamNowTravelLater #ZagrebLovesYou

#Heartbeat of Zagreb

Zagreb Firefighters: From the Point of View of Our Rescuers

Contrary to popular belief, the firefighters don't just lie around, play cards, and wait for intervention so that they could descend through that cool slide we see in the movies. In fact, it's just the opposite.

#Heartbeat of Zagreb

From Zagreb Balconies

Take a tour of Zagreb from windows and balconies of Zagreb citizens. <3 #DreamNowTravelLater #ZagrebLovesYou

#Heartbeat of Zagreb