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Zagreb Advent 2020 in a New Virtual Form

"This Advent is all about bringing light back to our lives which is also a perfect metaphor for more positivity and that warm feeling that Christmas time usually gives us. "

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Autumn Walk Through Zagreb Parks

Apart from the beautiful Medvednica nature park, Zagreb has so many beautiful parks and green surfaces in the city. I decided to name a few and take you on a virtual walk through Zagreb parks. Which one is your favorite?

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June in Zagreb: Let's Enjoy Our City Again

As we're getting back to a normal way of life, you may want to head out and explore Zagreb museums, galleries, upcoming concerts, and theatres. I've created a list of a couple of interesting ones for this June. Enjoy it.

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Another Magical Advent in Zagreb

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! If you've been walking down the beautiful Zagreb streets and squares recently, you've probably caught yourself mumbling this song. Zagreb has again become a real-life Christmas fairytale, and if you find yourself a bit lost among all the Advent locations, do not worry. We have prepared a little guide on what to see and where to go.

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DIY Christmas Decorations - Make Your Own Christmas Magic

Christmas presents are meant to represent the time we spent thinking about someone. Sharing the food represents the unity of Christmas, and the decorations and ornaments are the main things for awaking that festive feeling in all of us.

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Advent 2018: A Multiple Times Awarded Festival Is Coming Back to Town

I believe all cities in the world are beautiful, but Zagreb turns into something magical. And it gets bigger and better every year. When you see the Christmas lights illuminating the streets of Zagreb, it simply evokes a special feeling inside you.

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Summer in the City: Where to Go, What to See

If you find yourself in Zagreb this summer, here is the list of events you can enjoy!

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Festival of Lights Zagreb: A Luminous Experience for Everybody

Post about the second edition of Zagreb's Festival of Lights that extended its number of locations from 7 to 19. This post is really enlightening!

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Carnival in Zagreb: Put Your Masks On!

Are you prepared for this year's carnival? If your answer is: "not yet", read this article and get some ideas quickly.

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Winter Weekend at Sljeme: Here's How to Spend Two Amazing Snow Days

Why you need to go to Sljeme and how to enjoy your time there.

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