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Festival of Lights Zagreb: A Luminous Experience for Everybody

Post about the second edition of Zagreb's Festival of Lights that extended its number of locations from 7 to 19. This post is really enlightening!

Plato said: "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." So, this year, don't be afraid of the light and join the most luminous event of the year. I'm talking about the Festival of Lights Zagreb, of course. While it's already a popular and an established event abroad, Zagreb had its first edition last year. And it really brought a new light into the capital.  

Location, location, location

As opposed to the last year's festival, this one is offering almost three times more locations in comparison to the last one. To be exact, the location number rose from last year's seven to this year's 19 locations. If you ask me, this comes as a perfect proof of the festival's development. Somehow, it seems to me that the greatest hype this year is revolving around the Grič tunnel, but I feel like there are a lot of other great locations worth visiting and checking out. The festival is planned out really well regarding locations, because, if you plan out your route properly, you can easily cover all of the locations offered at the festival. The offered locations last year were the Grič tunnel, Vranyczany Plateau and Art Park below the Strossmayer Promenade, the Lotrščak Tower, Jesuit Square, Klovićevi dvori Gallery, the Gradec plateau and at last, Tomićeva Street. The festival includes all of those locations this year as well and adds a dozen new ones, but some of them share the same "theme" they had last year, so if you missed the last year's festival, you could revisit some of the locations this year. 

Image Credit: Zagreb Tourist Board

A truly luminous experience

Just when the last Christmas lights were removed from the city center, a new set of lights were set up. And it really looks magical. Some of the spots I liked the most? Well, for starters, there's Vranyczany Plateau - it's based on a story about an egg that leaves its village to avoid getting eaten, and in search of a new life. On the road, he meets all kinds of animals. Another great spot for me was the gallery under the stars. When the night falls, a beautiful Klovićevi dvori atrium is illuminated by the rays of light coming onto the revolving spheres, dispersing the rays in many different directions. When it comes to my favorite location, I can't really decide between two locations. The first one is the so-called "Spring game," which uses the holographic technology to evoke a three-dimensional image of a blooming tulip. It might be that I like this one because tulips are my favorite flowers. Nevertheless, it's amazing, whether you like tulips or not. Oh, let's be honest, who doesn't like tulips? They are amazing, too. :)
My second favorite location is the Golden portals in Opatička street. Despite me being more of a silver kinda guy, this light installation really impressed me. It is a connecting spot between the two parts of the festival. The best part for me is that the light is visible from every part of that meandering street.  

Image Credit: Zagreb Tourist Board

Festival's supporting features

At this festival, you can rejuvenate your inner light in a matter of food and drinks on Strossmayer Promenade - west and in the big yard of the Zagreb City Museum. Additional luminous atmosphere will be provided through music coming from a wandering piano. In addition to this, all bars and restaurants will be working at full steam. 

I am sure that you will surely hurry to the festival of lights after reading this blog. It will be lit! 

Image Credit: Zagreb Tourist Board


Header Image Credit: Zagreb Tourist Board

Author: Tibor Trupec