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When the Longest Street in Zagreb Comes to Life - Q'Art: Project Ilica

It was 20 years ago that Aleksandar Battista Ilić initiated the Community Art Project and the Ilica project along with it. From the very beginnings, the emphasis was on socially engaged art forms in the community.

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Fašnik: The Favorite Croatian Custom of the Little Ones

An old Croatian custom from the 19th century, and a political satire to do the afore-described show. The main characters are the Fašnik prince, princess Magpie, The Judge, and the lawyer who are taking over the city keys for the day, commenting on the current political events and social topics, and have a real blast out of it all.

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Interliber & Reboot Infogamer - to Be Fair, These Are the Two Fairs You Must Visit If You like Books or Video Games

If you happen to like books or video games, Zagreb is the perfect destination for you during November. These two events happening at the same time will blow your mind.

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Okolo//Around: An Artistic Project Which We Can't Get Enough Of

This unique project turns every walk in the very center of the city into a small artistic exploration of Zagreb.

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Zagreb Running: A Good Laugh and a Long Run are the Life's Best Medicine

Believe it or not, a lot of people who once hated running, and were probably avoiding a P.E. class in high school, take up running as a recreational activity, and they like it a lot. Some even become addicted to it.

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Little Street Festival with Big Heart

Are you longing for a weekend getaway? Here’s an idea: stop by Stubičke Toplice and have fun at Mali Ulični Festival – MUF (Little Street Festival).

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Why We Love INmusic festival

Located in the pretty surrounding of Lake Jarun on the outskirts of the Zagreb, the INmusic Festival attracts a number of big-name pop and rock artists. It is the biggest international open-air festival in Croatia.

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R'n'B Weekend: A Weekend to Remember in a City You Will Never Forget

While the music festivals spread through the region in the last decade, this time, Restaurants & Bars got a festival of their own.

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Zagreb Beer Fest 2019: An Open-Air Festival You Won't Forget

Besides awesome music you will be listening to at the festival, you will also, get the chance to drink some great beers, and try out some new as well. This is something you could deduce from the name of the festival itself, but it's a point that should not be missed.

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Zagreb Time Travel: Making History Alive!

A truly fun and educational tour through the history of Croatian capital filled with myths, legends and interesting stories from the past.

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