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Summer in the City: Where to Go, What to See

If you find yourself in Zagreb this summer, here is the list of events you can enjoy!

Not so long ago summer in Zagreb was considered dull and uneventful. There was this unwritten rule that during the summer everyone would flee the capital and escape from the summer heat to the coast. Even though this practice is still very much alive among Zagreb locals, the city has gotten much more active during the recent years. Every summer more and more tourists fill the city streets, and there is a vast variety of events that are happening throughout the summer months. So here is a list of just a few of them if you find yourself in Croatia's capital this summer.

#1 Summer on Stross & the Courtyards

''Ljeto na Štrosu'' or in English, Summer on Stross is a Zagreb summer festival that is held every year on Zagreb's most romantic promenade, Strossmayer's walk. The walk is located in the Zagreb's Old or Upper town as locals call it, from where you can see a beautiful view over the city center. The festival is open all throughout summer months, from 30th of May to 2nd September. It offers different music programme every day and lots of good food and drink options from the street vendors. Another great festival, or better say event, held in the Upper town is ''Dvorišta'' or in translation, ''The Courtyards''. This event offers a unique concept of opening up courtyards of the old palaces located in the Upper Town where you can experience the life in Zagreb as it once was. And while doing it, you can enjoy great gastronomy and live music. The third event in Zagreb's Upper town is ''Večeri na Griču''. Located near Strossmayer's walk, the event is held in an art gallery Klovićevi dvori from June 28th until July 17th. It is not free, but if you decide to visit it, you can enjoy listening to concerts of classical musicians from all around the world.


Image credit: D. Rostuhar, TZGZ

#2 Music festivals

Zagreb is a European capital that definitely offers a lot of amazing music events for everyone's taste. In June, you can enjoy IN MUSIC festival held on famous Jarun Lake or as Zagrebians call it, ''our sea''. If you're interested in this years line up, you can see it here. Another amazing open-air festival held during the summer months is Zagreb Classic, the festival of classical music which is held in one of the most beautiful Zagreb parks located next to the King Tomislav Square. The classical music is performed by a huge symphony orchestra on the stage in the center of a park while people are laying and sitting on the grass. It definitely creates an amazing atmosphere, worth experiencing, even if you're not the biggest fan of classical music.

Image credit: J. Duval, TZGZ

#3 Firework Festival at Bundek Lake

Festival of fireworks is personally my favorite event held in Zagreb during the summer. It is a unique exhibition of a most incredible firework display. It also includes concerts, lots of food and drink vendors and a big amusement park for kids and adults. For three days, firework manufacturers show off their most extravagant performances and the last day the winner is announced. If you find yourself in Zagreb from 29th of June to 1st of July definitely consider visiting this festival. You won't regret it!

Image credit: D. Rostuhar, TZGZ

#4 Zagreb Piknik

Zagreb Piknik is a different kind of summer festival that starts from May 26th to June 30th. It is held in a Zagreb's most beautiful green park Maksimir every Saturday. The idea of this festival is to encourage people to step out of their homes and enjoy some quality time in nature with their friends and families. You can also enjoy various food stands with typical Croatian food and drinks, so you don't have to worry you will end up hungry and thirsty. It is a great way to spend an outdoor weekend in the city and meet new people.

Image credit: M. Gašparović, TZGZ

#5 ArtPark

If you're looking to see something different while in Zagreb, visit the Art Park located in the city center between the Upper and Lower Town. It is an almost hidden park where you can enjoy various workshops, movie screenings, music concerts, DJ nights, ping pong tournaments, drawing sessions, yoga classes and much more. If you're an artist or just love young and urban city atmosphere, this is a perfect spot for you. Depending on the time in a day when you visit it, you can participate in activities or just chill and hang out with your friends and meet some new interesting people. The idea of this park is that artists from Croatia and all over the world leave their mark and contribute to this ever-changing open art gallery. Cool, isn't it?

Image credit: M. Gašparović, TZGZ

Now that you know all that Zagreb has to offer this summer, pick what interests you and don't forget to explore on your own. That's what hot summer evenings are for.

Header image credit: M. Gašparović, TZGZ

Author: Darija Ilić