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Carnival in Zagreb: Put Your Masks On!

Are you prepared for this year's carnival? If your answer is: "not yet", read this article and get some ideas quickly.

The one time of the year when you can be literally everything you want to be - is here! I would say that the most important thing is to find the perfect costume - whether you like the scary or the pretty ones. One of the places you can order the perfect costume for you is the Karneval-shop. They really have it all! From princesses to monsters, from all kinds of props to many different face colours to paint your face. Be creative, or dress like your favourite character - it's up to you.

Croatian tradition

The carnival comes right after the long and silent winter. We're casting out winter, and with joy, laughter and music, we are trying to call upon the spirits that will bring us back spring and summer. Especially loud ones are traditionally called "zvončari". They have bells tied around themselves, on their backs and their feet. In some places, the carnival lasts a day, in some a few days and somewhere even a few weeks. What's important is that they end on the day of Lent. Children like to dress up and go from house to house to get candies from their neighbours. It's exactly like trick-or-treat on Halloween. In Croatia, on these days, it is a tradition to eat home-made doughnuts to keep us going while jumping around.


Photo Credit: TZGZ Download Zona, H.Pilic

Where to go

Many people living in Zagreb are used to going to the places nearby, Sesvete or Samobor for the carnival, since every year they organise a famous parade. However, there is plenty of things to do here in Zagreb, as well. I know that this year I'm definitely staying in Zagreb, and, after I inform you about everything happening here, you'll understand why.


Image Credit: TZGZ Download Zona, D. Rostuhar

Active carnival

For all of you who like to stay active, here is the best event for you: the carnival bike tour! It's held on February 11th, and you go with your bikes from the Tomislav Square all the way to Samobor for the parade. You get the picture of how funny the journey will be, with all of the masks - on the bikes. It's something you don't want to miss.

Horror movie

Why would carnival always be the same: masks and parades. Of course, it's important to do that part, too, but why not try something new this year? It's a "game", or a simulation of a classical horror movie, except you play the leading role. You find yourself in a small town in California and have a big Halloween party to attend, but while you're preparing for that, something unusual starts to happen. Isn't it fantastic to, instead of watching a scary movie, be a part of one? Nevertheless, if you think that this is too scary, there is still the option of going to the movies with your friends, or just watching it at home, where you are safe.


Now that you know everything that Zagreb offers you, you have all the pieces of information on where to spend this carnival. I would just like to add that, everywhere over the town, different clubs and cafes will most certainly have a themed party, so when you're going out, don't put a regular outfit, but instead go out as someone else.


 Header Image Credit: TZGZ Download Zona, S. Kaštelan

Author: Aleta Brattoni