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June in Zagreb: Let's Enjoy Our City Again

As we're getting back to a normal way of life, you may want to head out and explore Zagreb museums, galleries, upcoming concerts, and theatres. I've created a list of a couple of interesting ones for this June. Enjoy it.

After two full months of quarantine, Zagreb is slowly coming back to life, and we are emerging out of our homes to so-called new normal. As weird as it seems, cafes, restaurants, and stores are open again, and people are out and about. Cinemas, theatres, art galleries, and museums are also slowly opening their doors. But, because of the strong earthquake which has hit Zagreb in March, many of the cultural institutions situated in the city center, which was affected the most, were damaged, and their opening is postponed indefinitely.

While we wait on the full restoration of all the damaged buildings, I wanted to bring some attention to those cultural institutions that have already opened their doors to the public and are ready for the visit.

So, here we go.

Image credit: J. Duval, TZGZ

Zagreb museums 

While the building of the Architectural museum was one of the many severely damaged buildings in the Zagreb city center, its affiliate, Archaeological park Andautonija has opened on May 15 and will be working until October 31.  

This park is an amazing opportunity to take a walk in nature and admire ancient Roman ruins. Along the trail, you'll find interpretation boards with various information about Andautonia and the way of life in Roman times. I definitely recommend this as a perfect educational day in nature. The park is opened on weekend between 12 PM and 6 PM and for group visits on weekdays with prior arrangement.

On entirely another note, if you're a real sweet tooth, you'll want to visit the Chocolate Museum, a most recent addition to the Zagreb museum scene. It has also opened its doors, and you can find it in a strict city center, at 5 Varšavska Street, near the famous Cvjetni trg. Often called the sweetest museum in Croatia, it is dedicated to chocolate and its historical, geographical, and cultural meaning. Through an interactive approach, the museum staff will take you on a journey through time and space, activating all the senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and of course, taste—a must-visit for all chocolate addicts.

Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) is also now open, and you can see all of its current exhibitions here. It is also worth mentioning that every first Wednesday in the month, the MSU offers its visitors a completely free entrance. I think it is an amazing opportunity to spend your free time in a quality way and enjoy modern art for free. So, take advantage of it, I sure will.

Image credit: M. Vrdoljak, TZGZ

Concert events to look forward to

As you may assume, there aren't that many scheduled Arena concerts this summer, but there are some cool events in the plan. Throughout June, Zagreb Philharmonic orchestra will perform a series of mini outdoor concerts in the most beautiful Zagreb park, Maksimir. They are titled "Mini concerts for the human," and they will be held every Thursday and Friday at 6 PM and on weekends in 11 AM in the southern area of the park. The program has started on May 21st, and as I live close to Maksimir Park, I can now hear beautiful classical music at the end of every week. A perfect relaxing introduction to the weekend if you ask me.

The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra will also hold a series of concerts on "Swan Island" at the Zagreb Zoo, also located in the Maksimir Park.  These concerts will be held on Saturdays throughout June, starting at 6 PM and 7 PM. In addition to the visitors of the Zoo, the concerts will also be enjoyed by everyone walking along the paths on the other side of the first Maksimir Lake and Zagreb Zoo. As stated on Zagreb Zoo website here, particularly attractive program awaits visitors on Saturday, June 13th, when the Zagreb Zoo will celebrate its grand 95th birthday. So, if you're in town then, save the date and come to Maksimir for a true outdoor musical experience. I sure won't miss it.

Image credit: Boška i Krešo, TZGZ

Back to theatre seats

Croatian National Theatre has also started working since May 27th while still respecting the safety of spectators and artists according to the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health. Until June 2nd, subscribers could have enjoyed watching the play "The Cat on the Hot Tin Roof" by director Paolo Magelli, and the rest of the repertoire will be announced throughout June as well because of a limited number of tickets that are for sale. You can find all the information about the current repertoire on their website, here

Image credit: M. Vrdoljak, TZGZ

In the end, it is important to say that these listed events and institutions are only a few that the Zagreb culture scene has to offer. We are all still awakening, and most of the cultural institutions will be opened in June. You can always visit the infozagreb page where you can find all the updated information about events going on in the city. Like everyone else, I really hope we will get our old Zagreb spirit back this summer, and we will again feel that well-known hustle and bustle of our beloved town.

Header image credit: J. Duval, TZGZ

Author: Darija Ilić