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DIY Christmas Decorations - Make Your Own Christmas Magic

Christmas presents are meant to represent the time we spent thinking about someone. Sharing the food represents the unity of Christmas, and the decorations and ornaments are the main things for awaking that festive feeling in all of us.

During the Christmas time, we're all feeling something special inside. Some call it the Christmas spirit, the others might have some other name for it, but we all know what we mean by it. Christmas time is that period of the year when we all spend more time with our families when we try to evoke that feeling we once had when we were children. The presents are meant to represent the time we invest in thinking about the person we're getting the present for, and the food is there to express the unity and sharing with the ones we care about the most, and the decorations are the main drivers of awaking the Christmas spirit. How better to make it alive than by making your own presents. 

Photo Credit: Dobar Partner

Making it yourself feels so much better

You know that feeling when you prepare a meal and it somehow just tastes better as opposed to when someone else cooks it for you (this doesn't apply to sandwiches, haha)? I'm sure you'll get that similar feeling when you make some Christmas decorations of your own as well. The shops today offer a vast collection of different Christmas decorations, but when you make some of your own, you have the endless inspiration at your disposal. Another good thing about it is that you can use the time for making decorations to spend quality time with your children and your family. Besides a lot of stores where you can get all kinds of decorations, Zagreb offers a lot of places where you can buy the materials to make some of your own. 

Photo Credit: Chemaco

If I can make it, you can make it

I remember when I was a kid, I used to love making these Christmas tree decorations out of balloons, thin rope, gold and silver spray paint, and hairspray. I have to emphasize the fact that I'm not very talented for art and I generally struggled with art classes during my years in school. The process of making this ornament is quite simple. You inflate the balloon, wrap the rope around the balloon in a Cris-cross motion and spray it in gold or silver over some old newspaper. After that, you take the hairspray and spray it on the ornament from all angles, then the decoration is left to dry, and when that's done, you pop the balloon, and you're left with a lovely homemade Chrismas ornament. Just recently, I was in a store that offered all of these items, except maybe hairspray. That shop's called "Uradi Sam" which would translate directly to " "Do it YourSelf." They specialize in tools and other construction materials, but with a little creativity, you can make all kinds of things, just follow my example. 

Photo Credit: Tapiker Art & Hobby

The tools make the trade

Many stores in Zagreb specialize in items for ornament making such as glitter, the paper of all kinds of colors, styrofoam of all shapes and other similar objects fit for creating decorations. One of the best stores in Zagreb for manufacturing ornaments is definitely Chemaco, a store located in Ulica Grada Vukovara 226. Besides the photos of the things they sell, they're frequently sharing some inspirational videos on their Facebook site to get your inspirational vibes going. If you don't have the time or the mean of transport to go to a store of this type yourself, you can always order something from the Art Hobby store Tapiker. Their shop is located just near the Pet Centar store in Heinzelova street and besides the items for creating of Christmass decorations, they have all kinds of different art utensils for those truly creative souls who like to make something similar all year round. If you need a partner for home decoration, you can look for one in "Dobar Partner Dekoracije" or translated, "Good Partner Decorations" stores. I remember that my sister made the decorations for her wedding out of items she bought there, and they were charming. Their store is definitely worth giving a check. You can find it just behind the City Center One East. 

Photo Credit: Dobar Partner

Whatever you decide to do this Christmas regarding the decorations and ornaments, be sure that the ones you make yourself will mean something special to you. They might take up a little bit more time than just buying the ornaments that are completely ready for use, but I think that making them will undoubtedly make up an excellent reason for spending some quality time with your family. 

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Author: Tibor Trupec