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Zagreb from a Green Perspective

While you may think your small efforts do not affect the environment, they do. That's why more and more Zagrebians are changing their habits towards more sustainable ones. This blog post gives you a list of fun things that make Zagreb a more environment-friendly city!

More and more Zagrebians are changing their habits towards more sustainable ones, promoting a responsible, eco-friendly, and green way of living. However, it's sometimes hard to put that into action, especially in a big city.

Luckily, Croatian culture has always been associated with local farms, homemade products, and food made from fresh ingredients. So here are some of the cool things that are moving Zagreb towards a more environment-friendly city

Eco Garden of the Future 

There are no better vegetables than those picked from your garden. That always reminds me of my grandma's garden- I would always help her with watering the plants and flowers. It was one of my favorite activities as a child. 

Unfortunately, we don't all have the knowledge, resources, or time to dedicate to gardening (including me), but there is a way to plant your garden from the comfort of your own homeGruntek, the first digital garden in Croatia, allows you to rent your own, or shared garden, in a few clicks. In other words, your chosen vegetables grow in the safe hands of Grunteks' farmers, while you sit at home. 

Image credit: J. Duval, TZGZ 

Located just an hour from Zagreb, Gruntek represents a new dimension of quality of life, and a break from everyday urban life. All of the vegetables are grown by methods that are environmentally, economically, and socially acceptable. Also, you can choose whether you want your vegetables delivered to your home, or you want to go to the farm and participate in the harvest on your own. 

The First Zero Waste Shop in Croatia 

Špeceraj is the first zero-waste grocery shop opened in Croatia. It is guided by a zero-waste philosophy and sells products in bulk, and in environmentally friendly packaging. Its mission is to reduce waste as much as possible, so most products come in paper bags, jars, or bottles. Customers are invited to bring their containers, bottles, or tote bags, while plastic bags are prohibited in the store. 

Image credit: Lice Grada

Their range includes dairy and bakery products, fresh vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, cereals, various types of flour, rice, pasta, sugar, salt, natural cosmetics, and gluten-free products. In short, you can find everything you may need in your householdThe interior also contributes to the zero-waste philosophy, with redesigned vintage pieces and solid wood shelves. In addition, the employees are always friendly and ready to help, so shopping is an even better experience.

From Farm to Table 

If you are looking for natural and fresh food, I strongly recommend Submarines' gourmet burgers, salads, and french fries. Their food is made from farms' preferred natural, organic, local, and homemade ingredients. Potatoes are also home-grown, cheese is from the local dairy, and burger buns are homemade. But the best part is their homemade sauces for french fries. My favorite one is Truffle Grana Padano. It is also cool that they have a special offer for kids – kids eat free Sunday! 

Image credit: Lice Grada

Sustainable, but Make it Fashion 

When it comes to the sustainability in fashion, some Croatian brands are bright examples of fashion created with responsibility and respect for the planet and people

My favorite is Krie Design, one of the most prominent Croatian fashion brands, which became well-known for its distinctive design, specific model cuts, handmade applications, and unique designer signature. The brand philosophy is based on creating unique, street-smart fashion and sustainability, by using organic and recycled materials, reducing waste, and minimizing energy consumption during the production processe.  

Eco-Friendly Way of Getting Around Zagreb

If you want to explore Zagreb city center from an entirely new perspective, then Pedicab is the way to go. Pedicab is an affordable, charming, and eco-friendly tricycle driven by a guide that offers a ride through Zagreb's historical and cultural attractions where you can explore local customs and legends, by absorbing the vibrant rhythm of the city

Image credit: Lice Grada

You can catch a ride if you need a lift, are in a hurry, or don't feel like walking. You can also go on one of the specialized tours: Uptown and Downtown Pedi to explore the Upper and the Lower Town, or Historicab, if you want a more comprehensive tour of some of Zagreb's most iconic and historical places. You can also get a customized A La Carte experience tailored to your wishes and needs. 

There are a lot of pickup and drop-off locations in the center, making Pedicab easily accessible. So, why don't you try this fun, affordable, and environmentally friendly way of sightseeing while visiting Zagreb?

There are some small changes that we can all make in our daily routines, to raise awareness, and create a better future. Although you may think your small efforts do not affect the environment, every change matters. Zagreb is participating in that change and calling you to do the same. I know I will.

Header image credit: Lice Grada

Author: Magdalena Hegedić