Cycling in Zagreb

The number of people using the bicycle as an urban means of transport is constantly growing in Zagreb.

Despite the existing infrastructure, which is not stimulating, Zagreb is only partially covered by cycling routes that do not yet form a complete network necessary for efficient and comfortable movement throughout the city. Because of that, it will be necessary to use the additional features: streets with low traffic intensity, banks, and parks.

According to calculations, the use of bicycles in the city center is the most efficient mode of transportation and the most appropriate one regarding environmental protection. Also, the supporters of cycling don't want to lose time on finding a parking space and waiting for the arrival of a tram or a bus. Thanks to the increasing number of cycling routes, many people use bikes to do their daily activities around the city as well as for transportation to the workplace. With its 220 kilometers of cycle paths, Zagreb is one of the few European cities with such infrastructure.


Cycling in Zagreb

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Whether you're an everyday cyclist, a weekend cyclist or haven't cycled since your childhood, Zagreb tour by bicycle would be the right choice for you.  There is nothing better than sitting comfortably on a bike and gliding through the city with a light breeze on your face, even on a hot sunny day, seeing all those small secluded streets with picturesque coffee bars and craft shops that you didn't even know they existed in Zagreb and feeling the city beat. You can explore nature parks, river valleys, forests, and islands while feeling the smell of flowers, hearing the birds singing and tasting the fruit that grows along the roadside.


Cycling at Jarun, Bundek and Maksimir

Maksimir is the oldest public cultivated park in Europe. It represents a shelter for many plant and animal species, especially because of its preserved hundred-year-old oak forest. You can explore the park on your own, cycle or relax by the lakes and optionally visit the Zagreb Zoo which is a part of the park.


Cycling at Maksimir

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On sunny days, you can also cycle at Jarun or Bundek. Jarun has 2km long artificial lake encircled by footpaths and cycling tracks only 6km southwest of the centre. The area around Lake Bundek is regulated as a recreational park with 10 sets of grill that are available to the public, 1650 m long cycling track around the lake, walking trails and two playgrounds in the northwestern and southeastern part of the lake Bundek.


Free bike transfer to Sljeme

If you want to visit Sljeme with your bike, Zagreb Electric Tram has an offer for you: transfer your bike with their buses. The offer is available on these lines:

  • 102 British square - Mihaljevac
  • 103 British square - Kraljevac
  • 140 Mihaljevac - Sljeme


More info can be found here (in Croatian only). 


Pedalafest, the cycling festival

The cycling festival Pedalafest has been held for several years in the Student Center of Zagreb. The three-day festival is filled with a variety of professional, entertainment and music programmes. The visitors are given the opportunity to participate in various workshops on different ways of repairing, maintaining and decorating bikes. The entertainment programme includes a whole-day exhibitions, the show programme: performers, acrobats, dancers, a review of the most screwy bikes, critical mass and concerts.



Image credit: Sindikat biciklista Facebook page, Marija Feld is a project started in 2000 with the aim of developing the website for cyclists with the places and routes suitable for the pure enjoyment of cycling. The purpose of the project is to provide information and inspiration on where to go cycling, enjoy natural and cultural-historic sights and get to know new places and people. The result of the project is 38 cycling routes with a total of 1359 km of GPS tracked routes published in 12 extensively equipped and specially designed cyclists’ maps.


Explore Zagreb with bike

You can explore Zagreb with bike sharing systemZagreb by bike, Zagreb City Break or Nextbike where you can find all bicycle routes in Zagreb. 


Zagreb by bike

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After all this information, we wish you a safe and joyful cycling in Zagreb!


Header image credit: Sindikat biciklista Facebook page, Matej Čelar


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