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International Airport Zagreb : A gateway to the World for all Zagrebians

International Zagreb Airport, precisely what Zagreb needed. A place that's sending people off to the world and connects them with other cultures, creating the perfect starting point of a beautiful memory.

Since it was opened in March, last year, the new Zagreb airport became a vital doorway for over 3 million passengers, and that's just during the previous year. If they continue with the increase in the number of passengers, they will board more people than there is in whole Croatia. A result worth of the biggest airport in the country. It's modern design shaped several different opinions on the general appearance of the airport. But you know what they say, there's no accounting for taste. Personally, I like it a lot, and I also think that this airport was something that Zagreb really needed. It's not too big, yet it's not too small, and the situation where you're just dropping someone off at the airport is finally solved with a 15-minute free entrance pass you get while entering the airport area. Zagreb International Airport has a thumbs up from me. 

Photo Credit: Josip Škof/International Airport Zagreb

A moment from the airport I will never forget

The International Zagreb Airport, much like any other airport, offers a lot of different souvenir shops, bars, stores, and car rental companies. But I believe that that, my dear reader, you can assume yourself. I will much rather tell you a short story of the first time I went to the airport.

Photo Credit: Josip Škof/International Airport Zagreb

I remember that moment when I got there because it was really an emotional moment for me. It was May, and the airport had just recently been opened. I was there because my sister was traveling to live abroad, to the States. A year and a half passed, and I still haven't seen her since. I remember a moment when my mother turned to me, pointing to the ceiling and saying: 'Do you see these bars? Each of them is of a different length, making this ceiling design unique.' I raised my eyebrows thinking: 'They all look the same length to me, is this true?' and 'Is this really the right moment to be occupied with information like that.' To paint a picture of the seriousness of the situation, my father shed a tear, and I've never seen him do that before. Of course, I later realized that my mother was telling me this to release the tension a bit, but that came to me later. My sister boarded her plane with her two cats in the cargo box for animals and flew to the other side of the world. I on the other hand, until this day, never found out if the fun fact my mother told me was true or not. But, I can't say I haven't said the same story to my friends when I traveled to London with them, almost a year later.

Photo Credit: Josip Škof/International Airport Zagreb

A moment from the airport I don't want to forget

To be honest, this isn't precisely a moment from the airport, if you like to split hairs, but it's connected with it. And with traveling. That's enough for me! This was during March. My friends and me, we had a free weekend, and we decided to do nothing other than - travel. The location of choice was London. They didn't have to ask me twice to go visit the English capital with them. The visit to the stadium of my dearest club, Arsenal F.C. was at a hands reach, and I was born ready for that moment. My friends found an excellent price on a low budget flight, and we were all set to go. But that's not a too exciting story. People go to England every day. The exciting part was the fact that there was 9 of us, we looked like a bunch of high school kids going on an excursion and altogether was mighty funny. The weirdest thing about that trip is that we decided we want to go on Wednesday and we flew back on Friday. London was amazing, we made around 50,000 steps in two days, saw the Emirates stadium and got back soon because it was a short trip over the weekend and our obligations back here awaited. A moment from the airport I won't forget is, when I turned to my friend, pointed to the ceiling and told him: 'Do you see these bars...?'


Photo Credit: Josip Škof/International Airport Zagreb

The importance of the airport in our capital is undoubtedly immense. It's the first thing you see when you come to Zagreb and the last thing before you leave. In my opinion, it's precisely what Zagreb needed and missed, and now it's here in all its glory. I certainly hope I will use it a lot in the upcoming years because, like you, I also love traveling as much as I love Zagreb. 

Header Image Credit: Josip Škof 

Author: Tibor Trupec