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The Most Instagrammable Spots in Zagreb

You're visiting Zagreb and want to find the most amazing spots to explore and take pictures? Here is a list of our top five locations in Zagreb worth visiting that will make all your Instagram followers wish they're in Zagreb with you.

Let’s be honest. When traveling these days, one of the top priorities is to find that perfect spot for an Instagram picture. We all love to scroll through amazing travel and lifestyle Instagram accounts and look at the most beautiful locations from all over the world. So, when we travel, it’s only natural to seek beautiful places and capture them with our cameras. And Zagreb has no shortage of them either. Whether you like to pose in your Instagram shots or you just like to capture the architecture or natural beauty around you, here is the list of most Instagrammable spots in Zagreb.

Magnolia trees on King Tomislav Square

If you’re visiting Zagreb in spring, this is a must-visit place in the city. Located in the city center, King Tomislav Square is one of the most vibrant locations in Zagreb. For many reasons. First, it’s the location of the central Zagreb train station where thousands of Zagrebians and tourists pass by every day. Also, it’s one of the biggest squares in the city with a station for almost every public tram and many bus lines. 

But, let’s get back to our topic. Next to the King Tomislav Square is a beautiful green park which locals call ''Tomislavac''. Among Zagrebians, it is famous for its beautiful magnolia trees which are a main sign of spring for many. Its blooming pink branches are a stunning sight, and they attract many visitors every year. Behind the beautiful trees and a stunning green park, Zagreb’s Art Pavilion is situated, which is one of the city’s landmarks. With its bright yellow facade, it perfectly complements vibrant spring colors of nature and creates a stunning backdrop for an Instagram shot.

The only downside is that the time window of blooming pink flowers is narrow, as it is in every part of the world. So, if you want to capture the beautiful scene below, plan your Zagreb trip sometime at the beginning of spring.

Image credit: J. Duval, TZGZ

Gradec Plateau

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful Zagreb locations you can visit. When people ask me where to go in Zagreb, I always recommend it to them because of its stunning view over the Zagreb Cathedral and downtown city center.

Gradec Plateau is located in the Upper or Old town Zagreb, close to popular Museum of Broken relationships, art gallery Klovićevi dvori and also stunning Strossmayer walk. The Plateau is a common festival location, in winter time you can enjoy Advent stalls there, in spring there is Festival of Lights, and during the whole summer, there are Summer Festivals with many events happening daily.

But, if you’re just interested in a perfect picture for your social media accounts, this is the place to come for a stunning backdrop or a Zagreb panorama.

Image credit: M. Gašparović, TZGZ

Maksimir Park Viewpoint

If you’re a nature lover, Maksimir is a nice place to stroll around and enjoy the serenity of nature right in the middle of the city. With its five lakes and little pathways, you have a lot to explore and many beautiful locations to take pictures at.

My personal favorite is the Vidikovac or Viewpoint Caffe and the beautiful entry walk that spreads beneath it. There you can get that perfect shot and at the same time enjoy a nice cup of coffee with your friends. Maksimir is also a home of Zagreb ZOO, and in the spring/summer you can enjoy cinema under the stars there, so there is plenty of things to do and enjoy.

Image credit: Facebook Page Vidikovac

Dolac market

Many tourists seek to find out more about local culture when visiting a certain place. Dolac market is a perfect place to do just that. Even though Dolac is just one of many buzzing fresh produce markets in Zagreb, it is popular among tourists because it is located in the city center, right next to the main Ban Jelačić Square. It will offer you a true experience of a bustling city market, and I recommend you to visit it in the morning when all vendors usually come, and you can see it in its full glory.

Dolac is a perfect place to ''breathe in'' local culture and take a load of pictures of vendors, produce and all-around atmosphere of the market. But a mandatory spot to take a picture is a statue of kumica which is a name for Dolac trademark – an older lady vendor who is really the heart of this and every other market in Zagreb. Their witty comments and remarks are what makes this kind of market special. So special that they are even honored with their own statue. So, if you visit this market make sure to stop by Kumica and take a picture with her.

Image credit: M. Vrdoljak, TZGZ

Flower square

Lastly, located just a short walk from the Dolac market, there is a beautiful Zagreb Flower Square. By its name you can tell that this square is famous for its flower vendors who always display the most beautiful bouquets in their shops.

Also, this square is not only a tourist spot but a local favorite as well. It is a home of a phenomenon called ''Špica’'' (pronounced in English – Spitza) which essentially means a custom of Zagrebians to get well dressed and meet up with their friends for a Saturday morning coffee and a catch-up.

Image credit: M. Vrdoljak, TZGZ

So, if you want to get a full experience of Flower Square and Špica, visit it on a Saturday morning. It’s a great occasion for people watching as everyone is showcasing their style and there are usually many celebrities and street style photographs. It is also a great place to take ''a truly Zagreb photo'' next to the beautiful flower shops or in one of many cute cafes there.

So, now that you have all the Zagreb photo locations listed prepare your phone or camera and go out to explore the city.

Header image credit: J. Duval, TZGZ

Author: Darija Ilić