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Here’s Why You Should Visit Medvednica Mountain During the Summer

Visit Medvednica mountain to have a perfect getaway from a hot summer day in Zagreb!

The temperatures are getting higher and higher and it’s time to look for some kind of refreshment during those hot summer days in Zagreb. It is actually quite common for Zagrebians to escape to the Croatian coast to find the refreshment in the beautiful Adriatic sea. Normally, bathing in the sea and getting a tan sounds good to most people, but what about people who don’t get the chance to go to the coast? Or people who rather spend time in mountains surrounded with woods? Well, if you like to spend time in mountains rather than swim in the sea, you’re the lucky one if you come to Zagreb. Zagreb is actually one of the rare European cities that has its own mountain! It’s called Medvednica and it’s the place where you want to spend your days in Zagreb if you like nature as much as I do. Add the refreshing factor of the beautiful thick woods around it, fresh water wellsprings and the numerous mountain lodges and you have a perfect reason to pack your stuff and get going.

The mountain lodges that you can find on Medvednica are really nice. Most of them are reachable by car and even public transport but I highly recommend to go on foot. The reason is simple – you’ll get the whole vibe of the Medvednica mountain if you see its majestic landscape and discover beautiful places along with mountain lodges, tiny mountain houses, and restaurants all by yourself. Discovering those places will make your day one big adventure!

There are more than 50 marked trails for you to choose from in order to reach the highest top of Medvednica, called Sljeme. Some of the trails are quite easy, well-maintained and walkable. But, there are harder trails that are neglected and interwoven with tree roots. Be careful and choose your trails wisely. Also, make sure you dress in layers and bring some water and food with you. Even though you’ll have a chance to eat delicious traditional food at fair prices in numerous mountain lodges, the walking and fresh air will make you hungry and thirsty. Last, but not the least – bring good will and a group of friends! If you don’t want to reach Sljeme, there are a lot of attractive locations as well as mountain lodges and houses to take a break before you head back to the city.


Where to take a break?

Hiking through Medvednica will tire you out. Luckily, numerous mountain lodges are easily reachable, no matter the trail you choose to follow. I’ll tell you a few interesting details about the most visited mountain lodges on Medvednica so you can choose the one that suits you. Except for the lodges, there are numerous other objects like restaurants on the top of the Medvednica mountain and tiny mountain lodges and houses for you to find along the way.  

Personally, I like the mountain lodge Graficar the best. It is located on a hill surrounded by beautiful trees and gorgeous landscape. The lodge itself is built out of wood and stone in alpine style. Today, this is one of the most beautiful mountain lodges in Croatia. On the ground floor, you’ll see a small dining room and kitchen, and dormitories on the first floor.


Image Credit: Stjepan Brbot, Medvednica.info


Other lodges, like Glavica, also offer delicious traditional food and drinks. In the courtyard of the Glavica lodge is a small playground for the little ones. In the front, you’ll find a memorial house Glavica with a memorial plate of historical events from World War II. This lodge is special for a big lawn next to it, where the little ones can play and for a charming little straw chalet made of hay plum. In Gorscica you’ll see a lot of visitors enjoying delicious food or just taking a break from the long walk. Great hospitality is guaranteed!


Image Credit: Stjepan Brbot, Medvednica.info


Mountain lodge Ivan Packovski, popularly called Puntijarka, is the largest mountain house in Medvednica opened for visitors every day of the week. The house has 35 beds in 14 rooms, as well as 3 halls and dining rooms which together can accommodate about 200 guests. The lodge has electricity, water, central heating, and telephone. The Lipa mountain lodge can’t be reached by car, but only on foot. The house is open on weekends and offers food and drinks and overnight stay as it has 16 beds. In addition to the lodge, there is an 8-meter-high pyramid-shaped viewpoint, which offers a beautiful breathtaking view of unspoiled nature. Great for taking photos, too! Near the Risnjak mountain lodge is a large area with wooden benches for resting and another gorgeous view of Zagreb. This mountain lodge has 12 beds and weekend hikers are regularly offered nice food and drinks. On the hill just next to the Vugrovec mountain lodge is one of the largest linden trees, and the oldest yew tree on Medvednica officially protected as a natural treasure. Over there is also a hill called Kula, where you’ll find a charming little rest area with wooden benches and a walking trail. Last, but not the least, Runolist mountain lodge is specific for a fresh water wellspring with cool water that you can drink, located about 10 minutes away from the lodge itself.


Image Credit: Stjepan Brbot, Medvednica.info


Fantastic nature, fresh air, and beautiful views sound good, don’t you think? Medvednica mountain is a great place to refuel your empty batteries and get away from a really hot summer day in Zagreb. Numerous mountain lodges and other places will give you an opportunity to take a break and taste traditional Croatian food at fair prices. After visiting Medvednica, you’ll feel like a whole new person ready for everything, as I feel like every time I visit it!


Header Image Credit: Tajana Pran


Author: Tajana Pran