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While walking through Zagreb and enjoying its beauty, do not be alarmed if you encounter Marge Simpson, Lou Reed or perhaps Mr. Pacman.

While walking through Zagreb and enjoying its beauty, do not be alarmed if you encounter Marge Simpson, Lou Reed or perhaps Mr. Pacman. An anonymous group has launched a creative project of painting the old pumps and brought a variety of colors to gray city streets, much to the delight of the residents of Zagreb.


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This group of creatives called "Pimp My Pump" has decorated more than twenty old water pumps and given them a new life. In true guerrilla street art style, they went to revive old iron pumps that once represented the essential part of everyday urban and private life, but today they are completely neglected and forgotten. For many years, pumps have  been the main source of water for many households without water supply, place of assembly, and  were often placed next to the market or the crossing. With the introduction of modern water supply network the pumps were no longer needed, but with the intervention of the group "Pimp My Pump" they ceased to be a bunch of dry scrap metal and became the bearers of memory and part of the precious heritage of the city, and the city their museum.


Image credit: Pimp my pump


The painted pumps can be seen throughout the city. In Dalmatian street is Lotrščak tower pump (protected monument that houses Grič Cannon, which fires a shot every day to mark noon), at the intersection of  Donje Svetice and Andrilovečka street is Željko Malnar pump (Croatian adventurer, world traveler, travel writer, documentary filmmaker, TV presenter), there is  Dino Dvornik pump (Croatian musician, „king of funk music“, singer, composer and songwriter), Mr. Fulir pump (the famous character from the Croatian Film „Tko pjeva, zlo ne misli“), Lou Reed pump, Janica Kostelić pump (former Croatian alpine skier with four Olympic gold medals and two silver medals), Zagor pump (character in a famous western comic book) and many others. It is an original Zagreb street art which is slowly becoming the uniqueness of the city.


Image credit: Pimp my pump


The group from "Pimp My Pump" has only one rule: pumps in operation must be painted in green color as they were originally with only their top in different color. This whole project is a non-profit one, and sprays are obtained from donations.

"Pimp My Pump" attracted the curiosity of the public and they had their first exhibition in 2012 during the Night of Museums which was very well attended.

Image credit: Pimp my pump


In addition to regulating the old pumps, they started to paint and renovate the walls of old Zagreb. It is obvious that they have a lot of ideas to brighten Zagreb and its streets so we hope that they will continue with their work! More information about them can be found on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pimpmypumpcroatia or on the following web page https://www.infozagreb.hr/pimp-my-pump-en&lang=en. 


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Author: Maja Fistrić