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Urban Places for an Urban Night Out

Zagreb has always had idealists who strived to bring and maintain the urban scene in the capital. During my, over 10 years long experience of going out, I really got to know Zagreb's urban scene.

It was a lucky coincidence for me that I was born in Zagreb which always had to offer more than the genre that was the most popular and that brought the most money. I'm talking about mainstream music that's popular with mass audiences. Fortunately, Zagreb has always had idealists who strived to bring and maintain the urban scene in the capital. During my, over 10 years long experience of going out, I really got to know Zagreb's urban scene. While a lot has changed over the years on the clubbing scene in Zagreb, some spots in the shape of bars, clubs, and pubs have managed to survive all those years and they still exist and do business today. If you are a lover of the urban scene, culture, and music, you will certainly find something for yourself when visiting Zagreb. 

The Arrangement

Some will say that Zagreb is a small city, others will say it's a big one. But when it comes to clubbing scene or spots for going out, there's no doubt, everything is relatively close. It's just that, some spots are in the strict center of Zagreb and some are just outside of it. In addition to that, Zagreb has an excellent public transport network, plus the taxi fares have gotten a lot cheaper, and if you fancy a bike ride, you can even rent a bike. I wrote about that topic in my previous blog about the active vacation in Zagreb on bikes.   

Photo Credit: Davor/MUSEUM Katran

In da Club

When I used to go out in college, I really enjoyed going out to a club called Klub. and the thing I liked the most about it was programmes called "Take me out" which was named after a lyric from the song by the Smiths: "There is a light that never goes out" -  "Take me out tonight...". Another programme I liked there was called "Mixtape district," and it was a mashup of all genres of new and old hits, you never really knew what they are going to play next. Unfortunately, Klub. ceased to organize those events, but they still hold a lot of different nights where almost everyone can find something for themselves. From hip-hop and rap, through rock, grunge and metal to the house, dance and electronic music. The best thing about Klub. for me is that its walls are shaped like the inside of a music studio which makes Klub. the club with absolutely best sound for me. It is absolutely amazing. Important disclaimer here is that the walls just look like music studio walls while they're not even close to being made od sponge (I learned that the hard way, lol). 

Photo Credit: Davor/MUSEUM Katran
Photo Credit: Davor/MUSEUM Katran

Besides Klub., a club I would point out is called MUSEUM Katran. It's very near the main bus station in Zagreb, and it's established in an old factory with really cool interior design. Katran is spread over 4 dance floors, with 4 different kinds of music. I would describe the main floor's music as hits being remixed into dance versions. Another cool thing about Katran is that there's a separate floor where there are a wardrobe and a few chairs where you can rest your legs and ears. There are also two more clubs inside the Katran's complex, Super Super and Depo club. Besides all that, there's also a small fast food strength where you can regain your strength with a black burger. 

Photo Credit: ©Fotosekcija KSET-a

There's a concert you wanna see

A lot of urban clubs in Zagreb are also a form of concert halls where you can see a lot of concerts of established and underground artists. There's really a lot of good ones so I really hope I won't leave some out. One of the biggest, that hosts the biggest names is, of course, Culture Factory. I really saw a lot of amazing concerts there.

Photo Credit: ©Fotosekcija KSET-a

One of the most creative programmes for me is the one made by KSET. They really know how to be creative. Its name stands for "Club of students of electrotechnics," and students play a big part in their work and organization. It's really one of Zagreb's cult places. Besides all kinds of concerts and theme nights, they also tend to organize a lot of different competitions, such as beer pong, gaming nights, costumed theme parties and such. 

Photo Credit: ©Fotosekcija KSET-a

A club that also really stayed in my good memory is Boogaloo club which is also near the center, and it is famous for hosting a lot of parties with really famous DJ-s, and every time I was there, the place was full, and the atmosphere was really good. 

Photo Credit: Matija Tripunović/Vintage Industrial Bar

Another great place for concerts is the inevitable king of concert places - Vintage Industrial Bar. I think it's safe to say that its name itself talks enough about it. Their programme consists of a lot of tribute nights where people can enjoy the music of bands that don't exist anymore or just don't come in Croatia often enough, if ever. During spring and summer, Vintage Industrial also opens their garden, and then the best parties take place out there, in the open. 

Photo Credit: Matija Tripunović/Vintage Industrial Bar

There are, of course, more great places organizing great parties and concerts in Zagreb such as legendary Močvara (translated as the Swamp) which now exist for 19 years and Sax - the club of Croatian music artists

Photo Credit: Matija Tripunović/Vintage Industrial Bar

I wrote a love song in sixteen bars

If dancing in a crowded place is not your thing, but you still like to go out, have a drink and meet some people, then bars are the answer for you. Because there are over hundreds of them, it's almost impossible (or unnecessary) to write about any of them specifically. That's why this is the place where I'm going to stop and let you discover the best ones for yourself. 

Photo Credit: Matija Tripunović/Vintage Industrial Bar

Happy clubbing! 

Header Image Credit: Davor/Museum Katran

Author: Tibor Trupec